We will change the face of healthcare from suppressive, reactive, sick-care to expressive, pro-active, wellness care.  

We will help patients take responsibility for their health by empowering them through education proper neurofunction, nutrition, detoxification, mental clarity, exercise, massage and meditation. 

Our methods will be based on pure science and ethics and will be implemented with superior loving service. 

Our actions today will reposition the children of tomorrow to make smarter health choices and elongate the quality of their lives. 


To empower our patients and staff through lifestyle modifications so they can achieve optimal health. 

We encourage our patients and staff  to participate in this most important and noble mission! 

New Patient Forms

Welcome to our practice!  For your convenience, you can download all your new patient paperwork and complete it prior to your appointment.  Simply bring it with you on your first visit.   

In addition to your new patient paperwork, please remember to bring your insurance card and a photo ID with you.  

In order to provide you with complete care and address the root of your health concerns, our new patient paperwork includes a detailed and comprehensive health questionnaire.  Often times, there are conditions that could be contributing to your symptoms, and you may not even be aware of it.  Therefore, your answers will help us provide you with better treatment protocols so you can receive better treatment results.  The more you are wiling to share, the better we can treat the root cause of your health conditions and symptoms. 

We look forward to being your partner in health!
(Click the link below for our standard new patient forms)

Additional Forms: 

Authorization to Treat a Minor
 (Required for all patients under the age of 18)

Personal Injury Acknowledgement
(Required on all Personal Injury- Auto Accident Cases)

Massage Patient Information and Consent
(Required on all Massage Clients - not part of Chiropractic Patient Paperwork)
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